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La Jolla Culinary Artistry With A Whimsical Twist

There are those that just have the culinary arts in their blood. They have that sixth sense necessary to take the best of what’s been done before and transform seemingly simple, essential ingredients into something extraordinary. Like line-caught albacore roasted to perfection. Or house-made pastas and soft cheeses created with artisanal skill. Raised in a family of cooks, butchers and farmers, Chef Donald Lockhart takes inspiration from his deep knowledge and passion to present a coastal Mediterranean-inspired menu of seasonally-driven and thoughtfully constructed plates. Reflecting Lockhart's commitment to only utilizing the freshest farm and field ingredients, Cusp's shareable menu consists of flavorful dishes with beautiful presentation, including fresh grilled fish, house made pastas, local meats and seasonal produce. Our La Jolla restaurant Chef is known for staying true to culinary essentials but also offering a contemporary, almost whimsical twist. Case in point: Lockhart's playful presentation of jars, bars and other entertaining desserts, giving guests something to talk about as they savor a fantastic meal. Take a few minutes to stop by our La Jolla restaurant, meet the chef and partake in a mouth-watering dining experience.