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Eco-Friendly Hotel La Jolla

We live in a very tender world. Which is why our hotel – and every Kimpton hotel – gives it loving care with green practices and products. Our eco-friendly efforts include recycling, and saving energy and water whenever possible.

Here is a list of many of our eco practices. For the full scoop on how we whittle down our footprint, go to our EarthCare page at

Some green initiatives you'll notice at Hotel La Jolla:

  • Cleaning supplies: Rooms are cleaned with environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Recycled paper and soy-based inks: Used to print things property-wide.
  • Towel/linen reuse: Guests have the opportunity to hold onto their sheets, blankets and towels which means we run the washing machines less.
  • Recycling: Glass, bottles, paper, cardboard ... we make sure they get a second (or third, or fourth) life somewhere.
  • Energy conservation: Lighting is custom fitted and audited to make sure energy-efficient bulbs get put in and stay there.
  • Water conservation: We install and audit low-flow systems for faucets, toilets and showers.
  • Organic beverages: We serve organic, shade-grown and/or fair trade coffees and teas.
  • In-room recycling bins: You can do your part right there in your own little nook.
  • Honor bar stocked with organic food and drinks: Good-for-the-planet yum for your tum.
  • Donation programs: Unused shampoo and conditioner is given away to local charities.
  • Our shopping website flaunts all kinds of eco delights, from organic bedding to recycled glassware.
  • And More: Other ways we play nice include recycling coat hangers, eliminating Styrofoam cups, implementing paperless check-in/check-out, using eco-friendly dry cleaners, offering discounted hybrid car parking, and much, much more.